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Film Fest

7th Annual Alameda County 4-H Film and Photography Fest 

May 4, 2019 Time to be announced soon

UCCE Alameda Room 160
224 W. Winton Avenue, #134
Hayward, CA 94544




What Is The Alameda County 4-H Film Fest?

This as an opportunity to 4-H members to practice and celebrate their skills in filmmaking, while also honoring their work in the essence and style of the real Academy Awards!

Filmmakers will be given a period between October thru April to complete a 10-min film.

All work will be submitted to a judging panel to be evaluated and winners determined in their nominated categories.

Then on with the show! All submitted films will be screened at the ACFF, and our 4-H filmmakers and actors will receive their awards and honors in the unique glamour of Hollywood.

4-Hers! Don't miss out on this grand event to see yourself on the silver screen! See you at the movies!

New this year is the Photography Exhibit. Entry photos based on the theme.

Photographers and Reporters! 

We need your skills!

This VIP role will give you full access to the Film Fest event to interview and photograph the stars and capture the festival highlights!

PLUS: this event can count towards your record books

Don't miss out on this grand event!

Contact to sign up


Registration is closed and will open soon.

The website for registration at the Alameda County Film Fest is.

Please email Linda Rouse at with your name and contact information if you have any questions.

Film Fest Trophy

For More Information

Film Festival Directors


Competition Guidelines

Adult Involvement

1. All films must be produced by the 4-H members only. All work, including script, directing, costumes, etc, is to be original work of 4-H members. Adult supervision and consultation is allowed, but immediate and/or direct adult work on the film is not permitted.

2. Each film crew may have ONE official adult supervisor that can be only be consulted for advice, assistance, safety supervision, etc. The designated adult must not have direct involvement in creating the film.


1. All film entries are allowed 10 minutes maximum and 3 minutes minimum, including beginning/end credits. 

2. Films do not have to be related to 4-H themes, but should be created around the film theme of Theme to be announced soon. 

3. Delivery format may change from DVD disc. Watch for update.  Films, contest forms, and complete film scripts must be turned in by Saturday, April 20th, 2019. After this date, late entry forms and/or add-ons are not allowed. Films must be burned onto a DVD disc that is playable on multiple medias (e.g. laptops, DVD players, etc.) Please check that all films are downloaded in the highest quality formats as possible. Please do not film in 3-D.

4. All film casts and crew are allowed to chose up to 2 categories to enter their film under. (e.g. Best Actress and Best Director). Although casts choose their categories, it does not necessarily mean that the film will win under that category. Judges will choose the winners of each categories, but casts are allowed to choose their categories to state their preference. Award categories for films are: 

  1. Best Picture - Films with overall expectional action, costuming, script, and directing - ALL FILMS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY NOMINATED FOR THE BEST PICTURE CATEGORY
  2. Best Actor - Film actor with outstanding acting skills (e.g. speech, movement, character, etc.)
  3. Best Actress - Film actress with outstanding acting skills (e.g. speech, movement, character, etc.)
  4. Best Costume and/or Makeup - Film actor/actress with the most excellent costuming and/or makeup
  5. Best Director - The director chosen by the cast and crew to lead the group (like a Junior/Teen Leader) that directs, and supports the cast.
  6. Best Screenplay - The script of each film will be judged for creativity, originality, etc. An official scriptwriter should be chosen to put together the script.
  7. Best Special Effects - Film that presents illustrious use of special effects. 

5. All films should be given a title. 

6. The cast/crew of the film do not have to originate from the same 4-H club. Non-4-H participants are allowed to act in the film, but only registered 4-H members will be allowed to run for an award. 

7. Film directors are asked to please send in their scripts as part of the validation process, clarity of actors, and script judging, especially if they choose to nominate themselves for Best Screeplay. 

8. There should be at least 3 members in a film cast. 

9. Casts are welcome to create a poster for their film as an additional side contest entry, but are not required to do so. 

10. Films that are created specially by Primary groups (9 and under) will be awarded Honorable Mention. 

11. Any films using profanity and/or innapropriate material will be disqualified immediately.


1. Judging is to be completed by adult judges that have had film/acting/leadership/theatrical experience, those being a mixture of film industry professionals and adult 4-H volunteers.

2. Judging evaluations are to be used by adult judges to determine winners. 

3. All judging will take place prior to the event

4-H Fest Night

1. The location of the event will be at the UCCE Alameda, Room 160. The date of the 4-H Film Fest will be May 4, 2019. 

2. The dress code for the Fest Night is formal; ladies are encouraged to wear dresses (e.g. prom, wedding attire), gentlemen are encouraged to wear dress shirts, slacks, etc (tuxedos are not required). No jeans or t-shirts please!

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