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Alameda County 4-H Program

Presentation Day

Alameda County Presentation Day

February 11, 2017

Forrest Park Elementary School
34400 Maybird Cir, Fremont, CA 94555

Special Recognition Focus Areas awarded at State Field Day

4-H members who relate their presentations to one of the following four focus areas are awarded Special Recognition pins:

Flight - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
Civic Engagement - Citizenship
Sleep and Stress - Healthy Living
Mindset - Positive Youth Development
All presentation categories are eligible except Impromptu Speech. Please see the Special Recognition Focus Areas page for more information, including complete descriptions, resources, and eligibility requirements.

Members earning a Gold Seal qualify to present at the next level.

North Bay Coast Area Field Day -April 22, 2017
Bret Harte Middle School in San Jose

9 AM to 3 PM.
Registration deadline April 16, 2017.

If you are a gold medal winner at Alameda County Presentation Day on February 11, 2017 you are eligible to compete at the area level. Each presenter can only enter one presentation and one Share the 4-H Fun/Cultural Arts Skit maximum (total 2). In order to advance to State Field Day you must present and win a gold medal at the area event. To register please visit

Due to the number of presenters, presentations will be split into morning blocks and afternoon blocks. Room number, time of presentation, and other information will be given at registration.

Other contests offered include the Interview Contest and a primary member activity! Sign-ups for the Interview Contest will be at registration, day of.

Please remember evaluators, room host, room runners are needed for the event. The county needs to send at least one or one evaluator for every five presenters that are attending. Register to be an evaluator or room host here

Thank you,
Barbara and Vrinda
Alameda County Presentation Day committee


You may sign up to do one individual/small team presentations, one Interview Contest and one individual/group performance presentation (Share the Fun or Cultural Arts).

All presentations should be done in the format outlined in the 4-H 2016 Presentation Manual. Alameda County will use the presentation format in this manual along with the evaluation rubrics and scoring key. A brief description of the presentation types is provided below; however, presenters should refer to the 4-H 2016 Presentation Manual for complete information. Presenters may not also act as judges; however, they may be a Room Host in most circumstances.


Volunteer Opportunities include

  • ROOM RUNNER: Members 9 years and older. Duties include collecting Evaluators' scoring rubrics at the conclusion of each presentation and taking them to the Tally Station
  • ROOM HOST: Members 12 years and older. Duties include presiding over the area, help presenters set up, introduce the presenter and assist spectators.
  • TEEN PRESENTATION EVALUATOR: Members 15 years and older. Prior county presentation experience is required. Teen Judges may participate in an individual/group Share the Fun or Cultural Arts performance presentation
  • ADULT PRESENTATION EVALUATOR: Parents, leaders and other volunteer adults. Orientation will be provided.
  • ADULT INTERVIEW EVALUATOR: Parents, Leaders and other adult volunteers. Experience with HR and Interviews desirable.

Register Online

4-H members must pre-register to participate. Registration closes on February 3, 2017

Share the Fun & Cultural Arts

Individual & Team Presentations

Room Runner/Room Host /Judge Application


Interview Contest:
We are currently following the State 4-H Guidelines and Job Descriptions. They can be found here:

2017 State Interview Contest Information

Register for Interview Contest

Printable Flyer

Printable Flyer


Presentation Day Manual

The Alameda County, Bay/Coast Area and State 4-H Presentation Day follows the current 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised October 2016.*

Current Presentation Day Manual

Public speaking is a cornerstone of the 4-H Youth Development Program; this manual gives all the necessary information to present effectively and within the 4-H guidelines.

* Be sure to read the Oct 2016 revised Presentation Manual as some categories and the rubrics have changed!

For More Information

Adult Co-Advisors

Vrinda Kharé

Barbara Butko

Youth Chair(s)

 Consider volunteering by contacting Vrinda or Barbara

Types of Presentations

DEMONSTRATION: A Demonstration teaches a skill by the “show how” method. Posters or equivalent visual aids are used to enhance the teaching process. The posters or visual aids will include at least a title, materials, process, and summary. Encouraged to be 4-H related.

ILLUSTRATED TALK: An Illustrated Talk teaches a concept or skill that would be impractical to demonstrate in a classroom setting. Posters or equivalent visual aids should include at least an introduction/title card, information card, and a summary card. Models or other visual aids can be used to enhance the presentation. Must be 4-H related.

EDUCATIONAL DISPLAY TALK: An Educational Display is an organized visual presentation of a program or a concept. A display should be designed to convey its message in a limited amount of time. Speakers are expected to introduce the educational display with a prepared oral presentation including the title, information about how the speaker belongs to 4-H, how the display is relevant to his/her 4-H experience, and an overview of the display. Encouraged to be 4-H related.

SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING PRESENTATION: A Scientific OR Engineering Presentation emphasizes the core process of inquiry to describe, explain, and predict through observation, experimentation, modeling and other scientific techniques (Science Presentation) OR uses the process of design to plan, build, and test a process, system, or device (Engineering Presentation). Five posters or slides should be included and can range from 3-15 minutes. Should be related to current 4-H activities.

INFORMATIVE PREPARED SPEECH: This format requires the speaker to write and deliver his/her own speech. The speaker will inform or educate the audience on a singe issue or topic. The purpose of this category is to encourage participants to seek out, organize and then competently speak on accurate information. Members may speak on any subject.

PERSUASIVE PREPARED SPEECH: This format requires the speaker to write and deliver his/her own speech. The speaker will sway, convince and influence, not simply argue,  the audience on a singe issue or topic. Members are encouraged to relate the presentation to current 4-H activities.

IMPROMPTU SPEECH: Impromptu speaking involves speeches that the speaker has written him/herself at the competition. One at a time, the speakers will randomly draw a piece of paper with a topic on it. The topics will be developed from the pre-announced categories for the event. From the time the speaker is given the topic, he/she will have three minutes to prepare a speech. The maximum speaking time is five minutes. The speaker is expected to have completed basic research on the announced topics. The speaker is allowed one 5" x 7" note card (single sided) to collect the results of the research on each topic. The speaker may use a single research note card during the delivery of the impromptu speech. Primary members may not participate. May or may not be 4-H related.

INTERPRETIVE READING: Speakers may read any published written work that is age appropriate and acceptable for use in a public school classroom. In addition to introducing him/herself the speaker should demonstrate knowledge about the reading selection by describing the title, the author, the characters, the purpose or setting of the writing, and any other introductory information that might enhance the understanding of the piece by the audience. The reading should be completed with a short conclusion that will leave a vivid memory of the selection for the audience. Not 4-H related.


* The Audio-Visual presentation category has been eliminated.  Presenters that have created a film should enter it in the State Film Fest. Presentations that use visual aids that are Power Point-type displays, but not stand-alone films, should be entered in the Illustrated Talk category. 

Types of Individual/Group Performance Presentations

SHARE THE FUN: Groups perform acts such as skits and other presentations that focus on health, safety, community pride, recreation, citizenship, or other 4-H project or activity. Presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. Costumes, props, decorations, and other visual aids are encouraged. Must be 4-H related.

CULTURAL ARTS: Individual participants, groups, projects, clubs, etc. perform a costumed dramatic reading, musical, dance or other such performing act. Presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. Costumes, props, decorations, and other visual aids are encouraged. Members may speak/perform on any subject.

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