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About 4-H


UC 4-H is a fun and dynamic youth organization the teaches kids with hands on activities.  Our 4-H motto is "To Make the Best Better" and we believe in the power of our youth.  Find more information about 4-H at the California 4-H Website.



You may think 4-H is only for your friends with animals, but it’s so much more! You can do activities like shooting sports, food science, healthy living, robotics, fashion, and photography. Look for 4-H clubs at your school, an after-school program, a community center, or even on base or through the reserves for military families.

Registration is open. Come join an Alameda County 4-H club. Contact the 4-H Club nearest you for enrollment instructions and information. A list of clubs and the area they serve is in the above tab "4-H Clubs" or http://4halameda.ucanr.edu/4-H_Club_Contacts/

Become a Volunteer

today and help create life-changing experiences for youth in Alameda County!

Join our 4-H volunteers*. They come from all walks of life. We have computer programmers, carpenters, home cooks, ranchers, scientists and teachers. Come share your experience and skills with 4-H members by leading a project. 

FIND YOUR LOCAL 4-H  Club in your community, contact the Club leader for volunteer opportunities. 

*Volunteers are required to complete training and a background check.