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Presentation Day

Alameda County 4-H Hybrid Presentation Day

In-Person Presentations March 5, 2023
1:15-5:00 pm
Creekside Community Church
951 Mac Arthur Blvd, San Leandro

ALL Presentation Types
Interview Contest
Awards Ceremony
Additional Opportunities:
Poster Display: Exhibit-Only
Participation-Only Judging Contest

Virtual Presentations
March 3, 2023, 6-8 pm


Virtual State Presentation Day - May 27, 2023, UC Davis


Presentation How To's

Register Online

4-H members must pre-register to participate. Registration closes on February 27, 2023 at 10:00 pm.

Registration and Volunteer Links to Follow

Please contact Valerie or Barbara with any questions.

We follow the State 4-H Presentation Manual 

Presentation Day Volunteers NEEDED

Volunteers Needed!

Each club must send one evaluator for every three entries or one evaluator for less than three entries.

No experience needed to be an evaluator. Orientation is provided. However, evaluators should review the "4-H Presentation Day Manual" before Presentation Day.  Please download the following document:

  • ADULT PRESENTATION EVALUATOR: Parents, leaders and other volunteer adults.
  • ADULT INTERVIEW EVALUATOR: Parents, Leaders and other adult volunteers. Experience with HR and Interviews desirable.

Each club must send one room host for every ten entries.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • ROOM HOST: Members 12 years and older. Duties include presiding over the area, help presenters set up, introduce the presenter and assist spectators. Room host may also register for a  presentation.
  • TEEN PRESENTATION EVALUATOR: Members 15 years and older. Prior county presentation experience is required. Teen evaluator may participate in an individual/group Share the Fun or Cultural Arts performance presentation.
Virtual Presentation Day Procedure

In-Person Two-hour time slots available on 03/05/2023 2-4 pm
Virtual Two-hour time slots available 3/3/2023. 6-8pm
Youth may register to present at County Presentation Day during a 2-hour time block offered for In-Person or Virtual Presentations. Time blocks are first-come, first-served. Registration will close on 2/27/23 OR when time slots are filled, whichever comes first.


After registering, youth presenters will receive a confirmation for their time slot and also a zoom.us meeting link for virtual time slots.

For Virtual Presentations, youth will log on with a computer/tablet or smart phone and present in front of a camera/webcam. They may use poster boards and props (if the category permits these) or using digital slides by “sharing my screen.” All requirements from the 4-H Presentation Manual - Revised January 2021 apply.

ALL Evaluators will enter their scores and comments digitally, which will be sent to the “tally room.” In-Person evaluators may wish to bring a laptop or tablet to make entry of comments more convenient although phones will work.

Award certificates and medals, if earned, will be presented at the in-person Awards Ceremony on 3/5/2023 at 4:15 pm.All evaluation forms will be emailed to presenters. 

Regional and State Presentation Dates

Members (9 years old and above)

Presenters who earn a blue or gold award at County Presentation Day qualify to present at the Regional Presentation Day. A blue or gold award at Regional Presentation Day qualifies presenters to compete at State Presentation Day

Presenters must give the same presentation in the same category in which they qualified. No substitutions in presenters are allowed. Presentations must be given by the same individuals who qualified at an area event.

Regional Presentation Day

Please make sure you sign up for the location/date you plan to attend.

Presenters who earn a blue or gold award at Regional Presentation Day qualify to present at the State Presentation Day

State Presentation Day - May 27, 2023
Virtual options will be available for State Presentations

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