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Skit groups can be made up of members from one club or can be made up of cross-club teams. Registration can be done as a club or as an independent group. Remember to pre-register.

Each skit or commercial is to be written by the 4-H youth members. As well as being written by the youth members, the skit needs to feature youth members as the actors and stagehands as no adults are allowed onstage or backstage during the skit performance. All props, backdrops and costumes must be determined and made by the members. Adult volunteers may be there to supervise and advise but should only step in to help if there are safety issues.

Full-Length Skit

  • Full-Length Skits should reflect the theme Around the World (& Back Again).
  • Full-Length Skits may not exceed 12 minutes total, including the time to set-up and take-down. There will be a four-point deduction from the final score for going overtime.
  • Props and backdrops must fit through a standard doorway, and youth must be able to carry and set them up without assistance.

Short Skit

  • Short Skits are to be between 30 and 90 seconds. There will be a two-point deduction from the final score for going over 90 seconds.
  • Short Skits will be performed in front of the stage curtain between full-length skits.
  • Short Skits will not use backdrops, and props are limited to the number an actor can carry in one trip.

Short Skit Categories
-- Event Theme: follows the theme Around the World and Back Again
-- 4-H Theme: about 4-H in some capacity
-- Open Category: school and all-age appropriate

Improv Skits

  • Improv Skitscan be up to 90 seconds.
  • Improv Skits do not require pre-event preparation though you can practice if you like.
  • Each actor/team will be given props from which they will create an impromptu skit.
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