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Currently, 4-H is implementing the more restrictive COVID-19 guidance from the State, Alameda County, and  UC ANR/4-H.  The following steps below must be completed if a 4-H volunteer or member is requesting to conduct or participate in any 4-H activity:

STEP 1 - Determine the type of meeting

Virtual Meeting: Skip to Step 2

In-Person Meeting: Verify your location will:

1. Allow a minimum of 3 feet between participants is required for indoor activities

2. Maintain 6 feet of distancing during times when members and volunteers are not masked due to eating or drinking.

STEP 2 - Submit Request

Complete and submit online via the 4-H Activity Approval Request – at least 4-6 weeks prior to the activity date. Include a 4-H Activity Roster, if possible.

Must receive approval prior to 4-H activities from 4-H Staff. Any unauthorized 4-H activity will not be covered by 4-H insurance and the host(s) will be held responsible for any subsequent outcomes.

STEP 3 - After Approval

Once approval has been received for an In-Person Activity, download and print the following meeting resource items:

  1. Symptom Survey - Display at entrance to meeting.
  2. Attendance Log - Save for 15 days after meeting date.
  3. Procedures for 4-H Meetings during COVID-19 - Display this poster in the meeting.


Virtual Meeting Rooms

There are no meeting time limits when using theses resources.

Instructions for using zoom. To protect your Zoom Session please review Zoom Bombing before you use Zoom


Sign up

Alameda County Zoom room sign up sheet  Sign up using the link and send an email notifying the office.

zoom.us website for information about zoom


4-H Activity Request 

Per 4-H Policy, “4-H members and adult volunteers are provided limited accident coverage when taking part in or attending an approved, regularly supervised 4-H activity”.

  • All 4-H meetings (project & club), events & activities must be logged.
  • Please submit at least 30 days prior to the event/meeting so all paperwork (if required) can be processed.

All Facility Use requests must be processed by the 4-H Office. Volunteers are not to sign any contracts, agreements or applications.

A 4-H Activity Request is to be completed for all meetings, activities and events even if a formal use agreement is not required. This is a record for insurance and planning purposes.  

4-H Unit Virtual Management & COVID-19: Bylaws & Meetings, Officer Elections and Financial Responsibilities

Bylaws, Meetings, Officer Elections & Financial Responsibilities 325259

I Am Here to Help - Incident Reports

An incident is an occurrence or interaction with another person in the program that concerns you and your involvement in 4-H.  The purpose of the report is to document your issue and initiate a staff inquiry about the issue.

I am available to listen to all incidents, advise you on how to proceed or become involved when required. 

When you feel you need some support in the 4-H Program, please contact me and send an Incident Report. My contact information is Rachel Wood - rlwood@ucanr.edu

4-H Incident Form