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4-H Forms, Templates and Manuals are found on the State 4-H Website. These will be the most current. Click Here or use this link.

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Use the non-discrimination statement on all single page flyers advertising the program Click Here or use this link.


Meeting and Event Forms



Per 4-H Policy, “4-H members and adult volunteers are provided limited accident coverage when taking part in or attending an approved, regularly supervised 4-H activity”.

  • All facilities/locations for 4-H meetings (project & club), events & activities must be logged.
  • Please submit at least 30 days prior to the event/meeting so all paperwork (if required) can be processed.

All Facility Use requests must be processed by the 4-H Office. Volunteers are not to sign any contracts, agreements or applications.

A Survey is to be completed for all meetings, activities and events even if a formal use agreement is not required. This is a record for insurance and planning purposes.

 Please use the below link:


 4-H Facility Use Survey


I Am Here to Help - Incident Reports

An incident is an occurrence or interaction with another person in the program that concerns you and your involvement in 4-H.  The purpose of the report is to document your issue and initiate a staff inquiry about the issue.

I am available to listen to all incidents, advise you on how to proceed or become involved when required. 

When you feel you need some support in the 4-H Program, please contact me and send an Incident Report. My contact information is or 510-205-9074

Cheryl Fraser
4-H Program Representative

4-H Incident Form


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