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State Exchange

Alameda County 4-H Domestic (State) Exchange

Here a little information about our countywide State Exchange project. 

  • Our group does a 2 year commitment with a state.  
  • Each California youth is partnered with a 4-H youth in a different state.  
  • We travel to stay with our 4-H Partner this year, and next year, our 4-H partner will come stay with us. 
  • It gives youth a chance to experience the 4-H program in another state, and for them to experience 4-H in our state and an opportunity to make a friend that you share their home with and experience their lives for a week, and then they get to come share your life and home.  


For the 2022-2024 2-year commitment, we will be looking for a new state to exchange with.  Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose any state we want.  The state we choose to partner with must

  • have a similar travel time frames and dates 
  • similar travel numbers and project composition- to partner each 4-Her with a 4-Her of the same sex and similar in age.  We want each 4-Her to have a partner to travel and stay with, and for them to have a partner come stay with them.



  • Host a new friend
  • Travel to great places in other states
  • Travel to great places in California
  • Make long lasting memories
  • 4-H Record Book Project
  • Enhance fund raising skills
  • Leadership Skills!

Who Are We?

  • Have a lot of Fun and Adventures!
  • Two Counties as one 4-H Project!
  • Learn how other states run their 4-H clubs.
  • Meet youth fro other parts of the United States.
  • Travel to other States.
  • Connect with other 4-H'ers in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
  • Fund raise for a purpose!
  • Learn how to host a family.

Alameda County, Marnie Hascall: 925-788-4812
Project Leader, Selma Michael 510-571-2346